The Joy of Singing

For many years now our practice and the pillars of our workshop are:
Deep Listening,
Relaxing into Being,
Feeling Gratitude,
Experiencing Joy
It is our heartfelt desire to share our practice and turn you
on to this natural outer expression and inner exploration .
We want to give you tools and show you ways that bring you closer to your own inherent joy, wisdom and confidence.

-Introducing new breathing patterns!
-Opening the senses!
-The use of the diaphragm and with this a fuller and more nourishing breath.
-The use of the voice as an expressive tool of emotion, of the “heart”, not simply to convey thoughts.
-Singing in groups is an experience of Oneness and no separation.

There are so many ways to listen. You know this from your own experience.
From superficial listening to empathic listening to listening with fascination, to one pointed listening, to spacious listening.
“When you come to innocent, unconditioned listening
The body spontaneously goes into deep peace.”
This deep peace is a healing and a deeply relaxing experience of one’s essential nature.

Relaxing into Being:
Aneeta and I both in our own way continue to expand within the peace
and presence of Being that underlies all experience.
Relaxing into Being or Loving what is!

Feeling Gratitude:
The habitual mindset has a tendency to complain and to create stress.
Living in gratitude is the opposite of living in stress.
In gratitude you focus on what you love what you love and don’t fall into the trap of complaint.
is one quality of our essential being. When you choose to live in joy, become aware of all events, people and circumstances that let you feel joy you begin to invite and create those circumstances into your life from moment to moment.